#IndiaIsSafe is an initiative for people to know that India is a safe place to travel – for both males and females. Having said so, it is specially a wake up call for all those women who haven’t been able to get out of homes thinking its unsafe. It is time that we start claiming the roads too. The freedom to travel is not going to be served on platter – we will have to work for it. I realised from my personal experience, when you are on road, others do make an effort to make it safe for you.

Having said that India is safe, it is not a utopian situation. Its as safe and as unsafe as any other country. But what has been promoted/circulated on social media’s always is that it is unsafe. I am driving solo – covering the four southern states – kerala, tamil nadu, Karnataka and Andhra pradesh. Then I will move to Goa.

The plan is to drive solo pan India and bring forward the areas, activities, etc that are safe with #indiaissafe. I will also take every possible attempt to mark out the #unsafe places too so that an effort could be initiated to mark it #safe.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."