The Journey Begins

“Travel brings power and love in your life.” – Rumi (The Journey Begins)

As I touched my 30’s, my desire to start a journey to understand myself more deeply and clearly had become more restless and demanding. I had to move out of my comfort zone and travelling was an inner calling and to travel alone so that I can stretch my limits and understanding myself and the world around me better ). Being a single lady, it comes with its own share of societal objections , apprehensions and threats. I always had to look for a male companion to live or travel , be it my father , brother , friends , colleagues or ex-husband.

There is something about travelling which helps me understand others, which in turn helps me understand myself.

The desire to see the world kept getting stronger and I would keep searching involuntarily, only to end up envying others who had company to travel at one call away. But, I also had this faintest hope somewhere in my heart that someday i also will be able to accomplish this whole long journey on my own – someday.

The Journey Begins
Early mornings in Jamnagar, Gujarat
The Journey Begins
Early Morning leaving for road trip

I made my mind, completed all my pending works at office, assured my parents and well wishers that I want to take a solo journey. I packed my bags, took all basics safety stuff and I left my home early morning of 28th of december 2017 with the blessing of my parents.

When I left from home, I had this weird feeling ​of excitement and fear​, when you know you have gotten yourself into doing something which no one you know has ever done in your family, and you are already packed yourself, and there is no going back.

I had an incredible journey of 4000 Kms (Approx) in front of me that had to be covered in 15 days. I knew this journey would take me to different places and people, and most importantly, different experiences.

But more than the distance covered in kilometres, I decided to take the road less travelled and it brought me closer to myself.

Somewhere near Dwarka, Gujarat

When women travel alone, it’s not the same way as men do; there is one thought running in their minds constantly – their physical bodies and they ways in which it could be threatened, not by any ailment or animal, but men. This prevents us from enjoying the sceneries and our own company to the fullest.

I had my own apprehension of not finding washrooms while driving, eateries, food qualities, etc. ​Everyone around me saw not the challenge, adventure, and has no sense of what I was about to do – but what they saw was only the stupidity. I didn’t want to explain it to everyone why I wanted to take this trip all alone. But what I had in mind was to discover and develop endurance, self – discipline and self – reliance – that spirit that I had lost somewhere a few years ago.

I took a leap of faith and started my journey of hundreds of kilometre on outside and hoping to take one single step inside.

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