100 Days of Solo Road Trip

The Pre-beginning – Preparation for 100 Days of Road Trip 

My journey started on the 19th of September 2018 from Delhi. The idea is to cover Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Goa in 100 days. Before that a lot of planning and packing was required. I was to be out of home for 100 days (atleast least). So should I pack and carry for 100 days? Should I carry food items with myself too? I had the whole car to myself and I thought of stuffing it with whatever I thought of any use and leave. Much thought wasn’t needed! But then everything changed once I packed all my stuff.

Now, let me tell you that my packing was done in two parts. In the first round of packing, I stuffed almost everything from my almirahs. I had stuffed so much clothes, etc. in my suitcase that I couldn’t even carry it myself. It was then that I realised that I had to filter. I opened my bags again and started picking only those things which I would need in the journey. Other items, I just put back in the almirahs. This also was coming out from the fact that I would be travelling solo. I should be able to carry my own luggage in any circumstance.

So that was my first lesson – Carry with you only that which you can bear the weight of. Do not ever carry unnecessary weight. One, you will not be able to carry in the first place. Second, you will be frustrated when you won’t even be able to use it not the journey. The same thing happens with our emotions too. Carry only what we need. Avoid unnecessary emotions. Many a times we believe we require one emotion when we really do not, and other times we are not even aware when we are carrying an emotion, which we would never even need.

I knew what I had to do on this journey – shed my unnecessary emotions, emotions that has disturbed me. And for that I needed an understanding that I really didn’t need them ever. And if I will need anything, it will be provided – that is the belief that I always carried with myself and it never turned otherwise. Well, I have always dreamt of and reminded in different ways – “Ask and it shall be given”. So I ask to be taken care of 🙂

I know its a Long way to go and I am excited about carrying the message #IndiaIsSafe to all the parts of our country wherever I travel.

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