My Journey My India Day 13 – Kollam, Kerala

Day 13 – in Kollam (Ashtamudi)

Everyone who meets keep telling me how courageous I am! And I just wonder – do I have to be courageous to travel in different states of my own country?? Why can’t it be as travelling in my own city?

I understand some of the difficulties like language, food habits, etc, which are quite understandable. But safety!

From travelling, I just understood that maybe be need to change the perception towards travelling. Especially in a country like India – which is diverse, consisting of people with different temperaments, and there is no second thoughts about it. What we really do need to keep in mind is to know about the place we are going to, and respect it’s diversity.

Lately I realised, I just want to travel and time is passing by. I can’t wait for people to change and then start travelling.

Maybe there can be another way! Maybe we just start travelling and acceptance will come 🙂 maybe we don’t need to travel really to instigate something or someone, but travel for travel sake, to see the world. As a friend said and I am quoting – “to explore the length and breadth of my country – India.”

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