Benevolence knows no bounds – My India Day 14

The universe has a strange way of providing help when needed the most. I had left from Ashtamudi a little late than predicted and when I reached Cherai, it also dark. I almost was lost in Cherai, looking for Club Mahindra resort. Google maps – as usual doesn’t show the best of the routes after sunset.

So after spending good half an hour searching for it, when I had decided to just drop it and go and check-in somewhere else, I noticed a guy driving his Scooty behind my car. I asked him the route and he told me too! Then I requested him to drop me atleast mid-way somewhere as I didn’t want to get lost again. And those really aren’t the kind of roads you can take a u-turn from. He refused.

Then he asked me from where am I. I told him – Delhi. He then asked me to call club Mahindra people as he wanted to talk to them. He talked to the resort people and then he was like – “you won’t be able to go yourself there. And people won’t be able to guide you because of language issues. Let me guide you. You have come so far from Delhi.”

Let me tell you that It had been raining since last three hours or so. That guy, who’s home was just a few metres away, came to drop me all the way to the resort – almost some 5 odd kms away. And that too in rain ☔️

Benevolence knows no bounds. And my faith in the goodness in people’s heart is strengthened again. This is the faith that makes me drive to different lands, and still feel safe. This is what I am always going to carry in my heart – that person who just went out of his way, to show me the right direction, so that I don’t loose path again or stay confused. When I asked him to click a picture, he refused as it was raining, but when I told him about #indiaissafe he agreed. So not so clear picture but for the sheer kindness of this fellow named Anoop

I remembered just what a friend told me – this trip of mine travelling across India, will take me to places and I will be able to make it possible through technology too. But as it is a journey of you and me, unless we connect the last mile the journey is incomplete. In my journey, I do have someone or other, some strangers who come as a help at times needed, others who just invite for home-cooked meals. So I do have someone known or unknown who is making India safe for you and me.


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