Behind the Scenes – My India Day 16

Day 16 @Cherai, Kochi, Kerala

While on a road trip, things might turn out in a way never expected. That is one thing I had to be prepared for. Impromptu plans, cancellations/ rescheduling of certain plans, spending time in a way you never thought you would, and so on. So #MyIndia Day 16 has been that kind of day too.
Once again, there is a red alert in three districts of Kerala – Idukki, Thrissur and Munnar. My plan was to go to Munnar from Cherai, then to Thekkady and enter Tamil Nadu from there. But as this is God’s own country, the God only has got its own plan too. I was left to cancel my plans for Munnar and had to enter Tamil Nadu now. I didn’t know whom to approach. All my connections proved to be useless at this time. The only thing that came to rescue were my two guide books I had been using to plan my entire South India trip – The Rough Guide to South India & Kerala (Rough Guides) and Eyewitness Travel – India (DK Publications). So, the entire day was spent sitting in the restaurant of the resort and re-planning everything.

As I was planning and re-scheduling things, when I also got an opportunity to strike a conversation with the staff there at Cherai, Club Mahindra. When we travel, it is important for us to sit, and think too. I had never thought about the life of the hospitality industry staff. Sitting there and then in Club Mahindra, Ashtamudi resort, and once almost about to buy some shares in a restaurant, I did get time to think about their lives too.

Most of them stay away from homes, some of them even thousands of Kms away. Their day starts early morning and ends around 12-1am. They are the ones always wearing a smile and taking all our complaints with a hearty attitude too. What is holiday for us, is the highest season for them. So the staff never gets to celebrate their festivals at home. How easily does that same staff becomes family for each other! And the love, the fights – everything happens as it is in a family. They are the ones who work behind the scene for keeping our rooms and linen clean, our bathrooms tidy, charting out the menu and making sure we get our lunches, breakfasts and dinner on time. I had never even thought about the fact that the ones who are making sure of timely delivery of every meal of ours, are the ones who never get to eat food in peace. They get to eat between they are serving us. One bite here and another one there – that is how they manage their meals.

I just thought of writing about it so that next time when we want to complain or decide to shout of anyone serving us, we just take a five second break. Think they area working under a lot of pressure, which doesn’t mean we take just anything. But it surely means that we can be a little gentle while dealing/conversing with them.

Remember always to treat and behave with others, as you want yourself to be treated and behaved with. There is no other way.

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