More the discipline, more the freedom #day26

#day26 #indiaissafe #myindia

Have you ever felt how it feels like waking up in different beds in different locations, almost every second day? Everyday you have to chose and decide what you want to eat. No one is going to do that for you. You aren’t at home where your mother is going to decide. You have to get out of your room, and think and ask yourself – “So what do you want to eat today?” That is what I felt this morning. Then I remembered a place my best friend had told me about – Murugan Idly shop.

I quickly got out of bed, even though wasn’t in the best of health. I have been feeling a little uneasy since last two days – pain in throat. So this morning too, it continued. I wished to sleep more, but then I knew no one is going to get me out of bed anyway. I had to gather that motivation on my own. I did. Also, I decided to take a cab. Yesterday I had roamed around in the city in an auto, and today a cab. The hotel desk helped me in booking. But as I was already late, I rushed to the idly shop, near Pothy’s and asked the cab driver to meet me there directly.

The place was unlike I had ever thought. A narrow under construction lane takes you to a seating space, which also looks like to be under construction. But it was clean. When I reached there, it was one fourth filled. By the time I ordered and started eating, the restaurant was almost full. It happened in a span of 20minutes only. People kept pouring in. And I knew the reason – taste 🙂 I ordered masala idly, simple idly and masala dosa. For the first time in my entire life did I like the dosa so much. I Couldn’t believe I could like masala dosa too. It just melted in my mouth. As a friend always kept telling me, “Dosa isn’t a food, but an emotion”; I guess I understood it in that moment.

After that I went around exploring the place. The best part of the entire day was the time spent at the Gandhi museum. I had been to Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad too last year, but this one stole my heart. The way they have shown the Indian history is remarkable. I felt like going back and taking my history lessons again – and this time a little seriously and with all interest. I would recommend the parents to take their children there and spend some good time explaining the charts/maps to them. I also got a little emotional while going through the lane of history – learning about what all people went through at that time for independence. We forget about it and take our freedom too lightly. Gandhi Museum, Madurai #indiaissafe

#indiaissafe @ Gandhi Museum, Madurai

The independence and freedom we have got also endowed us with certain duties – here I remember Aristotle who said, “through discipline comes freedom” – more the discipline, more the freedom.

So, here we got another point to remember when travelling solo – be disciplined. It doesn’t mean less fun.

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