Celebrating Navami 2018 in Thanjavur style

#day31 of #100daysofroadtrip #indiaissafe

I reached Thanjvaur (from Velankanni) today and since morning was missing poori, halwa, chana (what we usually prepare today). The navratras were here and today is Navami. These navratras are celebrated almost all over India. Shut with a differece. In north India, people fast for nine days and nights, while for Bengalis, it’s the feast time. South India, I wasn’t very well aware about.

I planned to walk around today. While walking around, I observed every vehicle to be decorated with flowers, banana leaves, etc. The atmosphere was generally happy and celebratory – on the roads too.

Then I got to know that Navami here is celebrated as “Ayudha Puja” – the day one worships their weapons, tools, vehicles, etc. I still didn’t know where to go for it. So I decided to go for my Thanjavur palace/ Nayak Palace visit. Google map was showing me the route and then it took me to a road which was blocked and one way only. From there I took a u-turn, thinking today isn’t a good day. One, it was too crowded and two, I didn’t know which way to go. People were moving too fast to even ask for the route. I took a u-turn and stopped near a flower shop. I thought of taking a gajra to put in my hair. Now, little did I know that the universe had things planned for me – so I was wanting to have my vehicle garlanded like others too.

The universe had a plan – that flower lady offered to put garland on my vehicle. I was happiest to the core 😇 but None of us knew how to do that. No cello tape and didn’t know where to hang it. Then an auto driver came for help. He asked me to open the bonnet. Please remember none of us understood each other’s language 😛 I was speaking in English and she was speaking in Tamil. But both of us were laughing and smiling so I guess we were on the same page.

Not only did she put one garland on the bonnet, she gave another one for the centre and then one more gajra for the car rear view mirror. Then finally she put one in my hair too 🙂 for others I did pay, but for the one in my hair, she didn’t take the money.

So I am happy 😃 being a part of celebration of #ayudhapuja. For once, I forgot I am away from home for festivals. I am finding my home – in myself – for that’s where home is always. I carry my home inside me 🙂 that’s what the #universe is telling me. That’s the message for today 🙂

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