Let’s release our own demons this Dussehra

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The day started a little late today. It’s Dussehra and I am away from home. I somehow didn’t feel like getting out of bed. When I picked up phone, it was filled with Dussehra wishes, which are forwards only. It took me a few more seconds to respond, with another set of forwards, and there I was done. One forward, forwarded to another one. Isn’t that what we all do??

The best forward of Dussehra 2018
The best forward of Dussehra 2018

The moment I finished this, I didn’t even take a second to keep it away. When at home, since morning I could hear movement in the entire house. Dishes are being prepared, especially kheer. That moment I missed maa so much. I somehow couldn’t even move out from bed. I kept lying in bed and reading.

After a while, a thought came to my mind – victory of goodness over evil. Isn’t that what almost every message is filled with? Then I wonder, what about the evil that’s inside me? Isn’t that what I have been seeing happening all around – all these nine days. People coming to all these teertha sthala for penance and then go back to the usual life. Wasn’t I also doing the same? Every year, I fast all these nine days. Last year, I was unhappy. Same time, last year, I was wondering what am I doing in life! The fasting is supposed to raise sensitivity in oneself and helps one becoming more self conscious. But for me, I guess travelling and more so driving does it to me.

I have been trying to inculcate some self discipline since long now. I do realise the importance of it, and had thought that maybe this Dussehra, I will get rid of this demon of mine.

Today I decide that for the next remaining trip of mine, and I am sure by the end of it, it will become a habit only – I will wake up at 5am and start my day. So the reading and writing will be done before the sun hits my side of the earth. That’s one small step in my discovery of self and disciplining myself. I know that the journey is long… but it has to start somewhere. So this Dussehra, I get rid of my demons and pray to the Goddess to help me in conquering krodh. (One step at a time)

So this is to the new beginnings! I hope each of you figure out at least one demon you want to get rid of, and try to atleast work on it till next dussehra comes 🙂

With that prayers, I wish everyone a very happy and blissful Dussehra – from Thanjavur (Brihedeshwar Temple)

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