Aayi Mandapam At Pondicherry

Aayi Mandapam At #puducherry

It was build during the period of Napoleon III, Emperor of France. It is located in the centre of #BharathiPark. This monument tells a story of a king and a prostitute. Kind Krishnadevaraya and Aayi. So there’s a link of hundreds of year story and the one during the time of Napoleon III.

Krishnadevarya, while on a visit to the town, got impressed by the beauty of a house. He unknowingly bowed down before the beauty of Aayi’s brothel. When people started making fun of him and he realised his mistake, he fumed with anger. He wanted to destroy the brothel. Aayi pleaded to the king and asked for permission to break down the house herself. The prostitute broke down the house and build a well in place of that. It is called #aayikulam in her memory.

Years later, the French made Pondicherry their capital. The French town on sea shore side faces water shortage and all the wells present had only salty water. The French king, Napoleon III sent an architect Monsieur Lamairesse to sort out the problem. The architect built 5km long tunnel from Aayi kulam to a park in the French town. When the French king heard about the story behind Aayi kulam, he ordered to build a monument for Aayi. This monument is built in French architectural style.

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