Pondicherry Diaries

“It is only in quietness and peace that one can know what is the best thing to do.” –

The Mother


Roads in White Town 🙂

Pondicherry was one of my destination on  my #100days of road trip to South India. It so happened that Pondicherry was one of those places I couldn’t do any prior bookings for. After some initial research on Google, I decided to go first to the White Town. Honestly, I didn’t know about it then. I reached and parked my car in front of the post office, a little away from Aurobindo Ashram. The moment I stepped out of the car, I was in awe. I have this habit of collecting stamps from all the places I go to, so the first thing in front of me was a post office. I went there to collect stamps. There I saw the stamp carrying picture of The Mother, Mirra Alfassa. Then I asked the lady sitting there and she told me the story about the Mother and White town. I was amazed at it and wanted to know more. She told me to visit Auroville for that. I decided that that had to be one of my to do list for Pondicherry.


Post office in White Town/French Town, Pondicherry

I walked around in the White Town for almost three hours…street after street. It was peaceful and serene. It is a peaceful, laid back town with a legacy of being a French colony. Pondicherry and White Town are synonymous. I stayed in a luxurious hotel – Le Dupleix and then in beach hotel run by Aurobindo Society. Both are properties were good. Personally between the two of them, I like the Aurobindo run society guest house more than Le Dupleix. That was booked through a friendship that germinated in Aura Shop on Promenade Beach road. I met two beautiful souls there – Charles and Venkat, who not only helped me in planning my Pondicherry and Auroville tour, but also helped me in booking a perfect stay for me.

Me at Aurobindo Ashram
One of the best office location – this was Secretariat office
Promenade beach, Pondicherry

The city has everything – cleanest beaches in India, chinches, Ashram, temple, museum, and cafes. The town has got everything to offer what one could desire for. I went for four days, but ended up spending a week there. And still didn’t want to leave. Pondicherry is one place where you can stay in peace for almost a week and connect with yourself.

A day spent at Auroville will need another write up, for another day. For now, enjoy trip to Pondicherry.

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